With music playing such an important part in any event, we want to make sure that you’ll have lifetime memories to look back on by making your party an absolute blast for you and all of your guests!






Our featured go-to DJ is Ben Spencer who works in the most exclusive venues on the French Riviera. Knowing how to read a crowded dance-floor, Ben is geared towards keeping the party going all night! Being open minded and comfortable in many styles of music, Ben will have a custom built playlist for each event. His influences and selections range from lounge, disco-funk grooves and 80’s hits, up to high energy current club music and special remixes that will keep you going all night!  




Based in Cannes, we understand that music plays a very important part in any event and with an international location we make sure to cater accordingly. Our goal is that every single guest leaves with a smile on the face and lifetime memories to look back on!



We like to keep things fresh and forward thinking. In todays evolving technology, we are constantly trying to improve the way we work. Whether it is the way we mix music or the way we choose technology for new ideas, we are always on the look out for what will make your event even better.


During your event preparations, we offer free consultations, and you will also benefit from our expertise to help you source the music best suited for you.